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What drives prospects to the most successful web sites? Well, here's a statistic that may surprise you: over 70% of the time, it’s search engines like Google or Yahoo!

BUT... it's not enough to simply have your web site listed by today’s most popular search engines. What’s ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL is being ranked in their TOP 30 selections (and ideally, in their TOP 10) when someone is searching for a business like yours.

And that’s where SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION comes in...

  • Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and others base their web searches on keywords entered by individual searchers. Web sites that do the best job of embedding within their site the most relevant and popular keywords for their type of business will typically be among the top selections flagged by the search engines. And it's these top ranked selections that get the overwhelming share of attention.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process by which 4AM Group delivers top ranking positions for your business on today's major search engines and directories. In other words, your site will become "optimized" for maximum search engine attention. The three main steps in the optimization process consist of (1) tag optimization, (2) copy editing, and (3) link building (see TIMELINES below).


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